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Our services mainly incorporate Security Guards, Bouncers, Industrial Security Services, Female Security Guards, etc. We also provide security to numerous small and multinational sectors, open and private firms, ATM, Industries and Banks. Our team posses comprehensive experience with security activities for parties, corporate events, VIP services, etc. We have a client list consisting of a broad spectrum of corporate, multinationals, industries, Hospitals, Healthcare, Shopping malls Governments and semi-Government organizations of which a list is enclosed.

The presence of a security guard or officer will give the bona fide visitor, customer, staff or employees the feeling of being well received at the onset itself besides being a reassuring icon of safety. Additionally, Security guards can also inspect your premises and make recommendations that will minimize your risks of theft and accidents or any other criminal activities.

Even though CCTV is present in the majority of locations,business’s security is still dependent on the physical presence of a guard to act quickly on any information gathered through CCTV cameras. It is also a well known fact that the presence of a uniformed static guard will probably deter the would-be thief or vandal,where CCTV cameras may not.

B Secure offers a complete range of security services delivered by a team of professionals,fully trained and vetted security guards.The security services available include static security personnel,armed guard mobile security patrols,keyholding and alarm response and CCTV surveillance besides operational knowledge of hand held,door frame metal detectors and other security equipments.

Our aim is to set new standards of quality and service in accordance with the rising demands of the industry with respect to the varying security scenario. Security is essential on both smaller and larger grounds.